Focus: TAX JUSTICE for Social Justice


Call for pictures                                                                                            za SLOVENIŠČINO kliknite tukaj

Urban wanderers, equipped with cameras or smartphones and critical insights: Ekvilib Institute is inviting you to join the Tax Justice Together project by observing and sharing your thoughts about tax (in)justice from your next urban walk.


Take a picture of a detail on a street that you associate with tax (in)justice, upload your photo with a comment  in Slovene or English to a webpage Uploaded photos will constitute a digital photo gallery where the best ones will be chosen by the Internet audience through voting* and by the jury of experts: Blaž Gselman, philosopher and activist, Matej Leskovšek, photographer, director of Slovenia Press Photo, Anita Ramšak, PhD., Human Rights Expert and Aleš Šifrer, project manager.

WHEN can I share my photo?

The contest is now open; the deadline for uploading photos is 18th October 2015.

WHY would I participate in the contest?

Global and national tax policies may sound boring and beyond our control. Sadly, in a current situation this is often the case. But the truth is that these policies have big impact on our lives and on lives of our fellow citizens of the Earth. Many countries still enable multinationals’ and individuals’ tax avoidance, which means that there is not enough money left to provide quality public services, such as education and health care.

Did you know? As Europe struggles financially and its citizens suffer from severe budget cuts, EU member states lose around €1 trillion annually to tax evasion and avoidance.

More on the topic in the following video:

It is important to use the power of photos and words to clearly show our awareness about the world we live in and about the world we want to live in. Together we can create the pressure needed for change. Every little stone in the mosaic of these efforts counts, every photo and every word.

WHY ELSE would I participate?

Photos will constitute a digital photo exhibition, while the best 15 will compose an international exhibition, which will travel throughout Slovenia and Europe. Also, the winner of the contest will receive a special prize, which will enable him/her to continue his/hers work.

Note: number of pixels is not important – originality of the photo and the accompanying comment counts!

*One vote per person.

This photo contest has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this photo contest are the sole responsibility of Ekvilib Institute and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.