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Within the project »Creative Caravan«, which we started in 2012, each year we host artistic groups comprised of young people with vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds. With help of art centres in their countries they learn how to use art for expressing themselves, for the development of their self-consciousness and for improvement of their social inclusion. By presenting themselves as young artistic in Slovenian school, they also foster multicultural understanding and promoting culture of their country. After three successful visits in 2012 and 2013, when different high schools in Ljubljana hosted workshops and performances by groups from Kenya, Guatemala and Uganda. This year, from 1. to 6. October 2013 we are hosting Experimental Theatre Foundation, a group of young artists from Mumbai, India.

About the group

The Experimental Theatre Foundation was founded in 1992 by actor, director and theater educator Manjul Bhardwaj in Mumbai. With his "Theatre of Relevance", a populist theatre, the traditional art forms of India takes up to entertain the people, but to bring them also social issues in more detail, he sees the theater as a medium for social change: a socially committed theater, which responds to the needs of the majority of the population. Women and children are the focus of many productions. Through her theatre work ETF could directly affect the lives of more than 1,000 women who are victims of violence, and are now re-integrated into society. 1,500 working children can, thanks to the commitment of ETF go back to school and more than 7,000 children won ne perspectives.

About the Performance

Drop by drop - WaterThe play uses the concept of TRIMURTI, the "three forms", in Hinduism, after which the three cosmic functions of creation, preservation and destruction are interdependent and complementary. All proceeds from the divine effect of cosmic unity functions. These three functions of the water also poses: In the union of chemical elements H and O, in the life-sustaining function of all living creatures and plants, as well as its destructive function in the form of flooding and associated destruction of life. This symbolism of water is reflected in the dances of the girls.

Indian dances and music accompany the piece and provide insights into the cultural diversity of the subcontinent. The piece starts with a dance and song: The young artists dancing occur singly, in different Indian costumes, each representing a specific region, which is dependent on water (mountains, sea, desert, etc.). After the dance presentation of the compound of H2O molecules to the real action begins. The water is so illuminated throughout the piece from several sides. It's about its importance for people and nature, the related issues and finally to the clash between commerce and traditional appreciation of water.

mednarodno razvojno sodelovanjeeu

The project is supported by the Ministry of foreign affaris of the Republic of Slovenia - http://www.mzz.gov.si

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